Jamie has been learning more body parts lately. He’d already mastered the basics (hair, eyes, nose, mouth, belly, etc…) so we started teaching him more specific ones. Instead of arm, for instance, he is learning shoulder, elbow, wrist, etc…; instead of just “leg”, he now knows knee and foot, and so on.


So yesterday morning, I am standing in Jamie’s room, still wearing my nightgown, changing his diaper while he runs through all of the body parts he knows. If he points at his elbow and says, “Ebo!” and I do not respond, he continues pointing and saying it until I clap my hands and shower him with praise.


Once he ran out of body parts he knew, he pointed at my boob and exclaimed, “BALL!” I ignored this. Again, “BALL!” Still I remained silent, until he started poking my boob with his finger in frustration and shouted, “BALL, Mama, BALL!!!”


I have no idea how to respond to this.


That is all.