June 2007

“Oh, bother.”


“Hot damn!”


“We are not amused.”



Emily sent another of her fabulous puppet finds our way on Sunday. Here is Jamie demonstrating the proper way to come-a-courtin’ when your date is a flamingo…

First, you let it come close so it can detect your scent.


Then, you give it a loose hug so it knows you’re a nice guy…


And for Pete’s sake, don’t leave any hickeys behind…

Geoff had to work a long day on Father’s Day, so we got him a hammock to relax in when he could finally call it a day.

As you can see, calling it a day is exactly what Father and Son did!




Here’s Jamie and his grandpa having fun with the busy box. By the way, the noise that sounds like a burp, if you turn your speakers up, you will discover is Pop Pop making a roar like a lion when the plastic lion pops out of the busy box. But you have to crank the speakers pretty loud to figure that out. Just thought I’d clear that up. 🙂

When I squeeze you, you make noise…

Actually, he quacks when you squeeze his bill. Jamie thinks it’s pretty cool. He won’t smile, though. Just studies the water and his feet and then pats the side of the duckie as if to say, “Giddyap, Duckie!”