Jamie has two big boy beds! We haven’t set them up yet in his room (waiting for Hubby’s vacation in a couple days so if there are some harrowing first nights Hubby can just sleep in there with him without worrying about alarm clocks, etc.) but we have them ready to go!

Last week, the new boss at my office came to work with matching twin beds (frames, headboards, mattresses, box springs — everything!) that a friend had given him and he had no use for. Talk about perfect timing. We’ve wanted to update Jamie’s room this summer so the changes when the baby comes in December won’t be so hard on him (like giving the baby his crib and so on). So I jumped on the chance to take the beds home!

I took Jamie shopping last night to outfit the beds. God bless WalMart’s dorm room sales! (We bought him nice bed-sized matching blankets for $4.95 apiece!!) I took Jamie down the many aisles of sheets to see what caught his eye, praying it wasn’t some Nickelodien character he’d tire of in two weeks or something ridiculously expensive with 600 thread count. I showed him plaids, and prints, and polka dots, and bright colors — and do you know what my kid said?

“I want white.” I looked where he was pointing, way up to the top of the display, at the plain white $7 sheet sets. “Are you sure?” I asked him. “They have blue here, and look at this red! Or this bright green…” And he shook his head and said again, “I want white.”

What a good little boy. 🙂 I can bleach white.

So, we picked up some white sheet sets, light blue blankies, mattress protectors, and bed pillows…and then Jamie passed by a display of those little travel pillows that had been made up with their own little pillowcases. He picked up one with a blue, red and white plaid and held it tightly to his chest, looked up at me with hopeful eyes and said, “I need this, Mommy” as he hugged it lovingly.

I figured as good a little boy as he had been all night and as simple as his tastes were, who was I to deny him the little $5 pillow he wanted to decorate with? His eyes lit up and he grinned this giant toothy smile when I said “yes” as he tossed it over his head to land in our cart. What a funny kid. I let him get one for each bed because the bill for everything was going to be so much smaller than I had expected. He could hardly believe his good fortune. Little rays of light were coming out of his head, I swear, he was so excited over those little pillows. He hugged one the whole way home. Adorable.

I’ll be sure to take pictures of Jamie with his big boy room as soon as we get it all set up. I had hopes of painting his room the same time that we swap out the furniture but I just don’t know how that will happen, so he may have to live with white walls another year. That’s life. (Unless Aunt Emily wants to come visit and paint him a choo choo train mural…just kidding, Em, I know you’re up to your eyeballs in projects.) At least we have a bunch of Thomas the Tank Engine wall decals he got from Grandma for his birthday last winter that we still haven’t hung up (because we kept thinking we were about to paint!). We can decorate with those in the meantime.

Either way, there’s one happy Jamie eagerly anticipating his big boy beds!



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