February 2007

Well, I just got back from enjoying a nice long lunch hour poking around in Lowe’s Garden Center…(I was very, very good and only bought the two things I went in for — caladium bulbs and a bigger hanging pot for my office philodendren, which is getting so huge at this point I sometimes want to stop working at my computer and grab onto one of the long vines hanging down and start swinging on it while letting out a Carol Burnett-esque Tarzan yell…)

 But I digress. I am wondering…has anyone grown freesia as a houseplant? I have been researching it a bit online today and I am thinking this is something that would look pretty and be very hard to kill…but I am looking for advice!! I plan to get some bulbs at some point in the next month and give it a try but I wonder if there’s anything goofy about them or anything I might need to know…I don’t know much about that plant at all except that it smells good and grows in lots and lots of bright colors. Anyone???


Look at that heartbreaker.


That is all.

Here are some recent photos of Sweet Baby James. There are lots more photos from his birth on a site my sister set up. He is two months and five days old today. He has been sick with a cold for the last couple of weeks, but he surely will be over it soon. Mostly he just seems annoyed that the grown-ups are making him spend all of his would-be crib time sitting in his little car seat because it props him up to relieve congestion. I would be crabby if I had to spend 18 hours a day sitting in one of those things, too, but he is taking it in strides like a good little baby. 🙂 Such a happy guy. He is so sweet, and he seems to hate crying, so he’ll do whatever he can to put it off. You can hear him grunting to himself, trying to talk himself down out of his tree, every time something happens that would make any baby cry. It’s so cute. He’s such a good baby!!

Jamie 1

He can already wave, and smile, and play the “I’ll stick my tongue out at you if you stick your tongue out at me” game. He even ate pears from a big boy spoon last night!!

 Jamie 2

He likes sitting on Grandpa’s lap in the big green chair. Poor Cleremont. That used to be his thing. He’s being an awful good sport, though, letting the baby share his turf!

Jamie Kiss

Here’s him spending even more time in his car seat…

Jamie wave

I love being a Mom.

OK, so I’m finally up and posting again. I put it off and put it off for so long, because I knew once I posted I would have to start posting all of my three-million-and-one photos of Little Man. Since I’m at work and my blog time is beaucoup limited, I have nixed this plan and will just get stuff up as I can. Just wanted everyone to know I intend to start using this thing again!!