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If you can watch this and not cry, something is wrong with you.


So I am a complete jerk and still have not had time to figure out how to fix those photos so wordpress will accept them. I do not know what is wrong…but thought I would post anyway…it is raining outside and completely disgusting and there is a tornado watch all day today so this may be a limited shot online before power goes out or something…Luckily, Jamie’s day care is also an official town storm shelter so I am not too worried about that today.

Nevertheless, the boy never lets me off the hook completely with things to worry about. He was running a fever yesterday afternoon when I picked him up from school. I should’ve known something was up — it is the first time in over six months that I’ve shown up to get him and he was actually asleep, in his crib and everything, at school. Got him home, stripped him down to a diaper to cool him off, and put him in his bed so I could go get some baby Motrin from the kitchen.

Got back with the medicine and he had worked himself up into such a mad tantrum in my absence that the minute I stuck medicine in his mouth he started throwing up everywhere while simultaneously peeing his pants. (And I had JUST changed that diaper 2 minutes before…) He threw up all inside his basket of clean clothes I’d set in his room that morning and all over the bed and stuffed animals and everything else. The dogs were quite upset that I would not let them help me clean it all up. One minute later, he completely passed out, face down. I figured if he had any more throwing up to do, he may as well be lying on his stomach, so I let him sleep rather than wrestle him for a bath that second. He was already starting to cool down, so I just left him alone for an hour or two before bathtime, and just carried the baby monitor around the house with me. When he woke up later, he acted just like his old self again, as if nothing had happened.

Good grief.

With the holidays approaching, it’s hard enough to figure out how we’re going to have time and money (mostly money) for all the things we’ve got planned, and I’ve been more than a little stressed lately. Still, that’s not a very good excuse for not keeping my blog up-to-date.

What IS a good excuse for having no computer time is that I’ve been quite busy training a new counterpart at work. She’s fantastic, she catches on to everything quickly, and I’m so unbelievably grateful for her presence now at the office! I was a bit worried how December would go, what with our regular deadlines and the office still being closed for a whole week, but I am completely confident now. It is SO nice to have another person sharing my work with me. She’s been absolutely great, and I am so relieved that now there will be less pressure for me to show up when Jamie is sick or stuff like that, because we can take turns holding d0wn the fort, so to speak. What a blessing!

And now on to all things Jamie…

This is Jamie playing last weekend on the sweet Radio Flyer roadster my sister brought him for his birthday when she came to visit. I cannot BELIEVE he is going to be a year old this Saturday!! Where has the time gone? I asked my mother if every year goes by as quickly as the first, and she said, “Actually, they go by even faster from this point on.” Yikes! I didn’t think I could handle this whole parenthood thing, but apparently, I’m just going to blink my eyes and he will be a self-sufficient adult, so maybe it’s not as hard as I expected… 🙂

I have tons of photos to post, but wordpress is not allowing most of them to get posted for something called “security reasons,” so I’ve got to figure out how to save these suckers differently first, so I can get them up on here…


It’s been a while since I updated the ol’ blog…here’s what’s going on in our world:

Jamie: Is getting over a nasty double ear infection. He’s finally starting to feel better, after being on half a dozen different medications. He has to continue the Cephaclor and Albuterol for several more days, but we’re starting to see some mild improvement so I hope we’re almost out of the woods. Other than being ill, he’s been really, really hyper from the Albuterol. The clinic said it’s like handing him a pot of coffee. We’re finally able to back it off from three times a day to once daily, so at least his hyperactivity is controllable in the evening now. He watched part of “Ratatouille” on DVD the other night and loved it. He fell asleep watching it on my lap. He NEVER falls asleep on my lap. It was very sweet.

Geoff: Is still up to his eyeballs in press coverage for this whole Herrin cop conspiracy nonsense with the state’s attorney. Several friends from his hometown came to visit last weekend so he was able to get away from all the hype for a couple of days and enjoy some R & R, which he desperately needed. Other than that, he is good.

Meanwhile, I’ve been busy, too. I’ve been doing some serious dieting and have already lost 9 lbs. That would be really great, except that it made my wedding ring become too loose and I LOST IT last weekend. We think it got lost in the house, but I’ve turned the place upside down every night and still can’t find it. Dismantled the washing machine (thanks Daddy), went through the garbage, checked inside pockets and oven mitts, followed the dogs around while they did their business….I cannot figure out where it is!! I even checked inside Jamie’s vaporizer. No ring.

Still, it’s nice to be losing some weight finally. Maybe I can reach my first of several goal weights by Christmas. That would be a nice present!!! (Though finding my ring would be even nicer…I feel so sad about it.) 😦

Well, I guess that’s about all the news from Lake Wobegon…I’ll try and post updates as I continue to diet and pretend someone else cares if my butt gets smaller…but I have already gone down a jeans size! Yay!!

I am off to a grouchy start this morning.

Jamie’s preschool has a terrible bookkeeping system. We never receive invoices on any proper schedule, and every few months when I do randomly receive one, it is 100% of the time inaccurate. Then, in addition to a bogus bill waiting for me in his file, I also get to encounter friendly little messages on the time clock when I sign him in, tacking on late fees for a bill I already paid, and basically calling me a deadbeat. So then I get to spend my whole day already pissed off and tracking down bank statements and check stubs to prove I paid them in the first place.

I have never once paid anything late, in the whole time he’s been in preschool. Not a single day. And I’m sick of having to constantly prove that I’ve paid tuition they’ve already taken to the bank and cashed.

And now, they’ve come up with this silly little “art project fee” that we all have to pay. There goes another five bucks a month. Not much at face value, until you consider that in the seven months he’s attended preschool, Jamie’s entire career as an artisan consists of three or four pieces of faded construction paper with a tempra footprint adorned by butt-ugly yarn or a smiley face drawn with magic marker. Considering Jamie’s room has 15 or 16 kids coming and going through there, it apparently is costing them $80 a month, in just the infant room alone, to produce these masterpieces.

They are nickel-and-diming everyone to death because when the new management took over, they promised they wouldn’t raise anyone’s tuition rates. So instead, they’re constantly coming up with these silly little fees to tack on everywhere. I expect to get a happy little newsletter from them next week announcing that, effective immediately, parents will be charged additional service fees for each time their kid craps their pants exceeding the allotted standard of one bowel movement per day…


I am soooo sleepy today.

We took a trip to Pekin this weekend to visit Geoff’s family. It was a nice trip, and everyone had fun playing with The Boy, but it really wore us out! Poor Jamie had to spend 11-12 hours in his carseat this weekend, which is a lot to ask from an 8-month old. He did better on the way back than the way up, but he was still thrilled to be home last night. When we brought him inside from the car, he started squealing with delight and didn’t stop for hours. Sitting in his Excersaucer, rolling around in his crib, hanging out on the floor — it didn’t matter. He was, like, uncontrollably happy. He kept letting out these gleeful giggles and just singing and laughing and squealing nonstop until almost eleven o’clock. When he finally did sack out, he crashed hard and didn’t stir until morning. Good boy!

Meanwhile, this morning, I can’t seem to hold my head up. I was so exhausted I almost called in to work and stayed home, but I couldn’t really justify taking a sick day just because I needed a nap. So I’m here, chugging my Monday coffee and trying to hold my eyelids open until the mail comes and I have something to keep me busy.

I met a couple of raindrops on our way to the day care this morning, but I’m not sure they’re bringing any friends with them. Wish they would — my garden could seriously use a good half-day soaking. Miraculously, other than the weeds, my garden is doing magnificently despite the drought, but I am not looking forward to seeing our water bill next month. Too bad Mother Nature won’t give me some help there.

I can’t wait for Autumn to get here. Jamie will be big enough to play outside when the weather decides to let us. And I’m dying for the cooler season, so I can come home to goodies in the Crock Pot and on the stove top without worrying about making the kitchen too hot. I want some homemade chili, and maybe some wassail or something to drink. That would be wonderful. Right now, we can’t cook anything longer than it takes to make Hamburger Helper or else the house won’t cool off the rest of the night. Come on, Autumn! Plus, it will be nice to slip Jamie into a new wardrobe that still looks nice and isn’t all stained up from eating Gerber at preschool…he’s got such adorable little clothes for the fall, if the cool weather will get here before he outgrows them all!


I’m tired. Time to go make another pot of Joe.

Happy napping!

Little Man was playing in the living room last night when it struck us how much he suddenly looked like a little boy and not a baby. The way he was interacting, and playing with the doggies (we both expect his first word to be “Dezi”), and even the way his face looked framed by what is getting to be pretty bushy blonde hair — he’s just a boy now, no longer a baby boy. Where does the time go? He’ll be eight months old next week, and he’ll be a year old before we know it. He learns something new every single day now, and watching him developing his skills makes me wonder what happened to that helpless little infant I held in my arms last December…



P.S. Here are some pics of him sitting with Pop Pop while wearing his Southern Illinois Miners “uniform” that Grandma made him…




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