Look at that heartbreaker.


That is all.


All I can say is, it’s about friggin’ time…

 Dusty Baker

Personally, I was peeved back when they fired Riggleman. Yes, the players hated him, and yes, if he’d stayed, Mark Grace probably would’ve murdered him, but bottom line was, he knew how to run that team the way it needed to be run. Baker did an OK job for the first year or so, but he’s never had it in him to be a great manager, if you ask me.

My girlfriend, Jackie, is clinging to hopes that Jody Davis might take the team. Actually, it seems plausible. He’s been out and about a lot lately, on the TV and in the papers. I think that would be a great thing. (Not as great as if dear old #17 said goodbye to a certain expansion team’s telecasts and came-a-runnin’, but still pretty awesome.) Of course, for that matter, I’d imagine Ryno’s going to be rocking around his big ol’ house with nothing to do pretty soon…his son is getting old enough to be off to college soon, isn’t he? Hmmmmmm….