So…I’m married!

Mr. & Mrs. Ritter

Sorry it took me so long to post on here. In one short month, I managed to get married, contract a gastrointestinal virus, lose our subletters, arrange for our landlord to find new tenants to take our old house, help set up three conference seminars at work, and move! All while eight months pregnant! Ta-dah!

 So now I’m a bit pooped. I have the wedding photos, though, which is the point of this post! Geoff and I were lucky to have several friends and family members present that day with cameras, so my mother has assembled all of the photos into a Snapfish album. The first photos are hers, followed by many photos that have different initials on them (RW = Ron Warnick, AH = Alex Haglund, MH = Marion Howell), and then the last 65 photos were taken by my sister, Emily. Enjoy!