November 2008

I give you, Hazel! These pictures were shot with my Motorola Razr on my lunch hour today at the hospital so forgive any graininess…I figure for a moment in time, I have the market cornered on online-accessible photos of exactly one human in the Universe, Little Miss herself, so beggars can’t be choosers. Better quality photos forthcoming as soon as I have some to post. In the meantime:


















I never did get her to open her eyes for the camera, although she would make occasional noises to let me know that she was not sleeping, as if to say, “I am NOT a trained monkey here for your entertainment; I will open my eyes when I feel like it.” Heehee! Already a sassy one.


She is SO cute and tiny. I wanted to hold her so badly but the universe decided to be particularly evil to me in the last 24 hours — I woke up in the middle of the night last night with a sore throat that hasn’t left yet. I’m so paranoid I’ll give the baby a cold that I haven’t touched her, even though I want to hold her and never put her down!!


Ashley is doing well after the surgery, too. All signs point to the family getting to go home tomorrow. Then the real fun will begin! 🙂




She’s finally here! My brother, Oliver, welcomed his new daughter into his arms this morning. Hazel Marie was born sometime around 10:00 a.m., tipping the scales at 6 lbs., 8 oz. According to Oliver, she has lots of thick, dark, curly hair and loves to stick her tongue out at people. Excellent. Like father, like daughter, I guess. Heehee!

My sister-in-law is doing very well after the C-section and last time I spoke with Oliver she was still waiting to officially hold her baby girl. I better start emptying all the stored data off our camera’s memory card because something tells me I’m about to fill it all up!

I am so excited to be an aunt! I cannot wait to meet my new niece! I have been sitting at my desk at work all day unable to concentrate on anything else…every time someone says something to me all I hear is, “Baby-baby-baby-baby-baby-baby-baby-baby-baby…”


I’ll post more later after I’ve gotten to hold the precious little doll. 🙂

–Aunt Gracie


P.S. — I’ve updated the “Thomas list” below several times now as I’ve heard from different relatives, so if there’s something that still needs to be updated, please let me know. But I think it’s totally current. That little guy is apparently going to have QUITE the Thomas birthday and Christmas. Can’t wait!

It’s been a while since my last post. I was out from work with pneumonia for 3 weeks and computer time has been at a minimum since I’ve been back and playing catch-up. However, without further ado, I give you Jamie dressed as his favorite thing in the UNIVERSE, Thomas the Tank Engine, for Halloween last week:
One happy little engine!

One happy little engine!

Jamie LOVES anything Thomas. He doesn’t know it yet, but he’s getting a train table for his birthday next month. The Thomas brand one was way too expensive, so he’s getting a less expensive table that comes with tons of Thomas-compatible track, and then we’re just encouraging friends & family to peruse the Thomas Wooden Railway line (there are like five different types of Thomas, none compatible with the others, but Jamie’s is “Thomas Wooden Railway System” and can easily be identified because they are non-powered, no-battery wooden trains with round, magnetic bumpers on front-and-back to connect to each other) as supplementary birthday presents to use on his train table.


I’ve already been fielding some preliminary questions about what he has/wants/needs as far as presents, and more specifically, Thomas, so here is a brief listing which I intend to keep updated by crossing stuff out as I know it’s coming to Jamie. Sheesh, this feels like a registry or something, but with so many family members in different places, it seemed like the best way to keep stuff straight so people know what his interests are, what he likes, and what he already has…so anyway, please do NOT feel pressured to buy him anything off this list (or anything, period, for that matter; we know what Christmas budgets are like!!), but I just thought I’d keep everyone posted this way and if it makes it easier on even one person, it’s served a purpose. 🙂





WHAT JAMIE IS GETTING from various people for either his birthday or Christmas (at the time I write this posting):



-Annie & Clarabel (Thomas’s two faithful coaches)


-James (of course!)



-The Aquarium Cars

-Sodor Engine Wash

-Sodor Caboose

 -Harold the Helicopter

-Sir Topham Hatt’s car

-Stop-and-Greet Station (This is a destination that is integrated with recognition chips to speak to the individual engines when they come through. So far I don’t know of any of the wooden talking railway trains that Jamie is getting, just regular wooden ones, so it would be cool if he got versions of some that would be identified and spoken to, though the little destination is pretty cool on its own even without that feature. It has a little door that pops open and Sir Topham Hatt comes out and says stuff, which Jamie will love.)

-Suddery Swing Bridge


-More trucks/freight/railcars for his engines to pull

-Small destinations to fit over the tons of track we’ve got, like little unload/load stations or whatever in the Thomas line…y’know, things to link his extremely generic table set to the “official” Island of Sodor where Thomas and his friends live



-The matching express coaches for Gordon would be very cool.

-Toad (Oliver’s companion)

-Mighty Mac the two-faced engine




-Bertie the Bus


And so on. There are about a trillion of these wooden characters. Actually, he would be thrilled with any Thomas item out there because our lives currently REVOLVE around Thomas and have for the better end of a year. Videos, books, coloring pages, toys, you name it–Jamie is FASCINATED with anything remotely having to do with the Island of Sodor and its Really Useful Crew. Speaking of which, it would be really cool to track down the original Rev. Awdry books about Thomas (what started it all). I’m not sure how they’d be listed on Amazon or elsewhere. I think the original name of the series was “Railway Island”…the first books are about 40 years old, so they may have renamed them now that Thomas is so popular outside of Europe as well. Who knows. The wooden trains are kind of expensive (start around $9.99) so we don’t expect anyone to go nuts here, and obviously he’s getting several characters, so again, please don’t feel like you have to give him Thomas trains. We know they’re pricey. I just know it’s hard to keep up on what little ones have, what’s popular, and all that, so I posted this for that reason. He will love anything people give him because he loves the people who give it to him and he has cool relatives. 🙂


Oh, and for those wondering, Jamie will be wearing size 2T in tops and bottoms this winter. He’s already wearing 2T shirts and is rapidly outgrowing all of his 24-month jeans. The next round of shoes will be size 7. For whatever that’s worth. I have seriously been slacking when it comes to keeping relatives up on this sort of stuff. Sorry.


On an unrelated note, check out the cool election pumpkin Hubby and I carved a couple weeks ago. It was way easier than it looked. We couldn’t believe it actually worked. It didn’t look much like him until we put the light in it, and then…POW! 🙂




Don’t forget to get out there and vote tomorrow!!!