So a lot of people I know have started up “101 Things” pages on their blogs. In a nutshell, it is a list of goals you set for yourself, allowing 1,001 days to finish said projects. Thought it was time I stopped clouding my brain with all these things. If I type them out, maybe they’ll stop overloading my thoughts and I can actually focus enough to get some of them done, one-at-a-time.

Here goes:

1. Go back to school.

2. Potty-train Jamie.

3. Earn a job promotion.

4. Create playroom for Jamie.

5. Hang shutters (buy, paint, install).

6. Paint carport to match pergola.

7. Edge/cobblestone front garden.

8. Terrace shade garden.

9. Install backyard fence.

10. Install patio pavers in the backyard.

11. Install landscape lighting.

12. Paint the birdhouse I bought last spring and mount it to the pergola post.

13. Crochet an afghan.

14. Learn to knit.

15. Install a dishwasher.

16. Vaccuum twice a week for a month and see the difference.

17. Organize laundry room.

18. Paint interior rooms bright, happy colors to match my china pattern.

19. Achieve body mass index of 22.

20. Enroll Jamie in swimming classes. 

21. Experiment with Podcasting.

22. Set up a website that does something to help others, like GreenLiteBites. (

23. Include regular video posts when I blog.

24. Get a camera that’s just for me.

25. Learn to take fantastic garden photos.

26. Teach Jamie gardening basics and let him help me in the daily maintenance.

27. Teach Jamie to read a sentence.

28. Get an MP3 player of my very own.

29. Stick to my Wii Fit workout for three months and see what difference it makes.

30. Stop smoking.

31. Convince Hubby to stop smoking.

32. Stop letting others steal my positive energy.

33. Start sharing my positive energy with others.

34. Get back into reading cozy mysteries.

35. Learn to make an omelet that doesn’t look ugly.

36. Invent a quilt block pattern.

37. Try every “Strength Training” exercise on my Wii Fit at least 5 times before judging it.

38. Mop kitchen once a week for a month and see the difference.

39. Donate books to the library.

40. Start an herb garden in portable, wheeled half-barrels (to be done after patio pavers are in).

41. Sew something that is just for me and not a present for someone else.

42. Convince myself that whole grain pasta tastes good.

43. Get haircuts when I need them, and not a month later.

44. Keep my own bedroom looking as good as the guest bedroom does.

45. Get the entire set of original Jean de Brunhoff Babar books for Jamie.

46. Track down a good-condition copy of Richard Scarry’s Best Word Book Ever for Jamie.

47. Think of something fun to do with Hubby, Jamie, and invite the family of Jamie’s girlfriend, Kinleigh.

48. Have people over for dinner at least once a month.

49. Have people over for breakfast at least once a month.

50. Eat only foods that come from the outside perimeter of the grocery store for two weeks.

51. Track down Mrs. Meyers’ Lavender and Geranium laundry products and find out where the heck I can buy them now. (I hate the Lemon Verbena kind and that’s all Kroger carries now. The lavender is SO amazing and a bottle lasts twice a long as other concentrated detergents, and the fabric softener is fantastic.)

52. Make something at home that looks like I bought it from the Cracker Barrel Gift Shop.

53. Make a blanket for the Linus project.

54. Get to work on Jamie’s Captain Kirk costume for Halloween. (he decided to be “Spock” in the end, which he was.) 🙂

55. Watch my wedding video.

56. Finish scrapbook of Jamie’s first 6 months that I started last winter.

57. Start paying attention to tachometer when I drive and record the gas mileage difference.

58. Buy something cool from Land of Nod for Jamie.

59. Start seeing how many items I can purchase from the Dollar Tree that would otherwise be bought at the grocery store for more money.

60. Keep a saucer magnolia tree alive.

61. Transplant a mimosa seedling without killing it.

62. Start a monthly scrapbook of my garden (photos, pressed plants, notes, etc.)

63. Work on my book.

64. Add a new spice to my cupboard every month.

65. Get a bigger spice cabinet.

66. Keep house decluttered for one whole month. EVERY ROOM.

67. Teach Jamie to take big boy bath without little tub inside the big tub.

68. Teach Jamie to brush his own teeth.

69. Read up on more baby sign language and teach him additional ones he hasn’t already learned at school.

70. Work on Spanish with Jamie.

71. Teach Jamie to count to ten.

72. Solve every puzzle in the “Beware! Very Challenging!” section of one of Will Shortz’s Sudoku books. (These are way harder than the other books!)

73. Write a positive letter to a local business applauding an employee every week for a month.

74. Get through an entire day without saying a single negative thing. Dang, that one was hard!!

75. Organize my purse and keep it from being a catch-all.

76. Get an organizer for all of Jamie’s art/craft supplies.

77. Start taking my measurements instead of running to the scale.

78. Keep car decluttered for an entire month.

79. Find a church that fits.

80. Find a bra that fits.

81. Make goodies for Jamie’s preschool class for no occasion whatsoever.

82. Send some packages of artwork to Jamie’s faraway relatives.

83. Take Jamie to see Cirque de Soleil.

84. Take Jamie to visit all of his faraway aunts.

85. Plant the rest of my Peace roses.

86. Grow something in my yard that I can eat.

87. Get Jamie to put a real vegetable in his mouth and keep it there.

88. Check my blood pressure as often as I ought.

89. Go to the doctor and find out how to live better with RLS.

90. Open a Christmas Club account.

91. Find out what video camera needs to not be broken anymore.

92. Only eat treats I really, really want, and not the ones that just happen to “be there.”

93. Pay off student loan. I think checking this one off definitely felt the best so far. 🙂

94. Pay off a department store credit card.

95. Buy that jacket I want when I’m the size I think I would look nice in it.

96. Install a smart thermostat.

97. Stake my climbing roses.

98. Build a cold frame/mini greenhouse.

99. Come up with decorative solution to hide septic tank in the backyard.

100. Complete the advanced run on Wii Fit without being sore the next morning.

101. Read this list over every single week for a month and see if it improves my motivation to do these things!


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