So I am a complete jerk and still have not had time to figure out how to fix those photos so wordpress will accept them. I do not know what is wrong…but thought I would post anyway…it is raining outside and completely disgusting and there is a tornado watch all day today so this may be a limited shot online before power goes out or something…Luckily, Jamie’s day care is also an official town storm shelter so I am not too worried about that today.

Nevertheless, the boy never lets me off the hook completely with things to worry about. He was running a fever yesterday afternoon when I picked him up from school. I should’ve known something was up — it is the first time in over six months that I’ve shown up to get him and he was actually asleep, in his crib and everything, at school. Got him home, stripped him down to a diaper to cool him off, and put him in his bed so I could go get some baby Motrin from the kitchen.

Got back with the medicine and he had worked himself up into such a mad tantrum in my absence that the minute I stuck medicine in his mouth he started throwing up everywhere while simultaneously peeing his pants. (And I had JUST changed that diaper 2 minutes before…) He threw up all inside his basket of clean clothes I’d set in his room that morning and all over the bed and stuffed animals and everything else. The dogs were quite upset that I would not let them help me clean it all up. One minute later, he completely passed out, face down. I figured if he had any more throwing up to do, he may as well be lying on his stomach, so I let him sleep rather than wrestle him for a bath that second. He was already starting to cool down, so I just left him alone for an hour or two before bathtime, and just carried the baby monitor around the house with me. When he woke up later, he acted just like his old self again, as if nothing had happened.

Good grief.