September 2006

OK, so I’ve had a little stroke of brilliance in all of this baby planning:

Do you remember the craze that swept America and Great Britain in the late seventies/early eighties when painter Kit Williams released a children’s picture book titled, “Masquerade?” The story was, on the surface, a fable about the Moon (a lady) falling in love with the Sun (a man). The Moon sends her friend Jack Hare (a rabbit courier) with a treasure to take to the Sun as a gift, but somehow along the way, Jack Hare loses the trinket.

page1.jpg   page2.jpg

 The real-life mystery surrounding this fable was that the author had created a magnificent golden rabbit, worth over $5,000, and had buried the treasure somewhere in the British Isles. The 15 beautifully complex illustrations and accompanying verses in the book were actually hundreds of little clues as to the golden rabbit’s location. (Where, along his voyage, had Jack Hare misplaced the treasure?) Somewhere in each illustration is a bunny. It might be easy to spot or very difficult. It might be a topiary shrub shaped like a rabbit, or a gelatin mold with long ears. Either way, it’s there on each page if you look hard.

page3.jpg   page4.jpg

For three years, thousands and thousands of Americans and Brits alike scoured the pages of the book and the British countryside, trying to decode the complex puzzle and learn the location of the rabbit. Public and private property alike were continually being dug up and destroyed in the hunt.

 page5.jpg   page7.jpg

Eventually, the rabbit was found. (Although the winner turned out to be a fraud many years later. He had not actually solved the puzzle to discover the location of the rabbit…and sadly, after a run of three years with no one solving the clues, a couple of science teachers had actually finally solved the puzzle, but the author received their correct solution two days after the fraudulent winner walked away with the prize. What a scandal!)


ANYWAY…my brilliant idea is as follows:

 I would love to set up the baby nursery with a mural spanning all four walls, with background scenery that changes all over the place. Then, all over the walls, both up high and down low, have each of the 15 illustrations from the book framed and hanging where the background mural scenery flows right into the backgrounds of the framed pictures.

page8.jpg   page9.jpg

 I think this would be SO neat. And there could be a garden outside with lots of little hidden rabbits and “treasures,” and celestial stuff everywhere…I am so excited about this idea!!


 And I could make a little doll with a dress apron full of pockets like the “Penny Pocket” illustration from the book (second set of pictures from the top of this entry; the one on the right–always my favorite picture from the book when I was little). Oh, the ideas!!!

page11.jpg   page12.jpg

 If anyone doesn’t remember this book, or if you remember it fondly and are feeling nostalgic, I’ve found an awesome website with some clues and comments and interesting tidbits of information on both the artist and the book:


 Happy hunting!

page13.jpg   page15.jpg


Well, I stopped at the jewelry store on my lunch hour today, and our rings were in. Mine is too big. It keeps sliding off my finger. I have to go after work tonight (AFTER going to the dressmaker’s to have my hideous wedding gown fixed) and show them the problem and see if they can resize it (which I doubt due to the design) or have one Fed-Exed from another store. They told us these ones would take 7-10 days to come in, and it took 15 or 16. I am afraid to give them the one I have and wait for a new one to come in – what if it doesn’t come?

 I am thinking I may make an arrangement with them so I can keep the one they gave me today, and hang onto it myself, and bring it in and exchange it when the other one does come in. That way, even if it’s too big, I’d at least have one to wear on my wedding day!! It is so big it looks like a man’s ring. Geoff has tiny little size 8 fingers, and mine are 8.5 right now (stupid weight gain), but this one is huge and I don’t know what size it is but I am guessing…really big. So it’s embarrassing to show anyone our rings and say, “Well that one’s Geoff’s…and that ENORMOUS one next to it is mine…”

I am about to pull my hair out by the roots this morning. Just so everyone knows, I would like to be euthanized on my sixty-fifth birthday. One of our more ancient clients called today, cussed out our receptionist this morning, then cussed me out, without even bothering to listen that the problem she was having was entirely of her own creation and not of the Division’s. Then, she didn’t even bother to click the hang-up button on her cell phone before turning to her friends and doing her impression of me…”oh, well I’m just a dumb girl sitting here all helpless at Continuing Ed. with my thumb up my…” and so on. Grrrrrrrrr. Just a nightmare of a day. So many things going wrong everywhere, and so many people with their stingers out.

 To think I was hopeful that I might actually have good karma today, since I started the morning out sending a student worker over to the physical plant to take the Duplicating Manager a giant economy-sized bag of pretty fall-colored Hershey’s Miniatures that I paid for out of my own pocket, along with a note that said, “We appreciate everything you do for us at Continuing Education.” Guess the Universe was using the bathroom or something while I was actually being a nice person, and it flew under the radar. Doh!

In other news, I am crunching out my stress on a phenomenally tasty apple right now. I don’t buy apples often, because I’m not super-fond of them, but Geoff likes them so sometimes I get two or three for him when I’m at the store. Even then, I NEVER buy Red Delicious, because they’re always so iffy. But yesterday evening while I was out grocery shopping, Wal-Mart had the absolute most beautiful Red Delicious apples I had ever seen.

I thought, “Well, I’ll just get a handful for Geoff to take to work with him in the mornings, since they’re on sale.” They aren’t particularly huge or anything, just small-to-medium sized, but I have never eaten an apple this tasty before! Everything about them is heavenly, from the texture, to the amazing sweetness, to the flavor of the peel – all of it is positively amazing. I bought four of them last night, and I am eating one now, so I may zip over there today or tomorrow and get a couple more. If you’re going to be in Carbondale for ANY reason in the next couple days, I am telling you – stop and get some. They are truly amazing. 🙂 I think they are $1.48 a pound. I know that’s not the cheapest apples ever, but it’s certainly a good price, and they are small, so you can get several for three bucks, rather than when they’re huge and you only get a couple and they turn out to be all mushy. Anyway, I seriously recommend them. Totally awesome.

We had these ultrasound pictures taken on August 10 (I think I was about 20 or 21 weeks at the time), but with everything else going on, I am just now getting them posted.

These first ones are called 2-D “plane views.” They are top-view looking down, so you can see the face and the tummy. My baby looks like a turtle. Hee hee! See how he/she is making a fist with the right hand? This baby has a mean right hook, even in the womb…(ouch).

Ultrasound 4

 More 2-D “plane” photos…look at the one on the left. Looks like Choo-Choo doesn’t want the world to see him/her yet. The baby is hiding from the mean paparazzi with its face behind its arms…poor Choo-Choo. All he/she wants is a little privacy!

Ultrasound 3

These are regular 3-D silhouette pictures below. Perfect little nose, perfect little mouth, perfect little baby!

Ultrasound 1

 This is my favorite one below, on the left. Just a cute little foot. The bottom just says, “FOOT.” Yay! 🙂

Ultrasound 2

 (Sigh.) Isn’t it CUTE?????

 We had other ultrasound pictures done earlier, but I was only like 10 weeks pregnant at the time, so it’s not easy to make out much of anything unless you know what you’re looking for. I took the first ones home in May, all excited nonetheless, to show to Honey. He just pointed and said, “Awww, look at that. The baby has my grey smudge…and my black-and-white wavy lines, too. Spitting image!”


 So, needless to say, these are much better representations. Enjoy!