Howdy folks!

Sorry it’s been so long getting a post up — I’ve been without computer access for over a month. But here I am, and a lot has happened this summer!

Well here goes:

New Job: I started work at the new job on June 28th. I’ve made it through my first crazy deadline week, and am slowly getting the hang of stuff around here. Still some snags, but I’m wading through it. I work in a brand-new office suite, with brand-new furniture and as of Friday, brand new computers, which is of course nice. I don’t really feel like I fit in over here at all, but as long as I can plug away and pass my 6 month evaluation, it’s good enough for me. I hope to be here a long time. I hate switching jobs! Somehow, my raise has already spent itself. Money is suddenly quite tight around our house. I’m not sure how it happened, but it has. Going to be quite a while before we can afford much of anything extra, but no bills are due today, and I keep reminding myself we’re only promised our Daily Bread, not our weekly…

Jamie: Is working on cutting Tooth #3 right now. He still refuses to crawl, but has discovered that noodle-rolling is the best way to get from Point A to Point B. Has a ball rolling around on his tummy. He tried saying the word “bubble” last week, but it came out as, “BALL-BALL-BALL-BALL-BALL.” Heehee! He’s now decided that bathtime is the most fun thing ever. This realization came at about the same moment that he discovered that if he puts his hands together, he can make a cup that is excellent for scooping bathwater onto Mommy’s countertop. Needless to say, we don’t leave bills lying on the counter anymore!

Garden: Is a disaster. Weeds everywhere. I had so looked forward to this past weekend because I really wanted to get out there and get it all cleaned up, and then wound up coming down with a terrible summer cold on Friday night. I was practically bed-ridden all weekend, and showed up for work today with DayQuil, Kleenex, cough drops and hand sanitizer…I feel better today than I did this weekend, though. A combination of medicine and coffee has helped quite a bit this morning.

Hubby: Geoff is doing well and is hoping to be able to take several days off in a week or so. He has a few work-related projects for that period, but is also hoping to have some much-needed down time as well. Other than that, things are going well for him and the papers are both still doing a great job.

Well, I’ll be sure to keep up with the posts now that I have access again.  Oh yeah, and here’s a picture of the boy:

The boy