My computer has decided that while it still does not like photo files, it has no problem with scanned images, so I decided to try it out this morning (see below).

In sad news, my sister, along with seventeen of her co-workers, lost her job on Tuesday when the Tulsa World newspaper decided to lay off its Community World staff. Her office had no warning that this was coming. Basically, they just walked in and started handing out pink slips. Rat bastards.

Anyway, Jamie and I decided to cheer up Aunt Emily by sending her some artwork from her darling nephew. (Watch out, Auntie Em — it’s on its way to you as we speak!) I bought Jamie some finger paints last night and he thought they were mighty fine. I decided to scan his masterpiece before sending it off into the mail so Jamie’s art message could be experienced by all.

Painting: Untitled

(A mixed media in crayon, finger paint, and 3-D stickers featuring “Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends.”)

Jamie finger painting 1

I have studied this piece for a long time now, attempting to discern its theme, as the artist currently lacks the verbal skills to explain his work. I have narrowed the list down to three likely subjects:

A.) A portrait of Frida Kahlo

B.) A depiction of the Seventh Bowl Judgement of Armageddon, as felt by the cheery residents of the Island of Sodor

C.) A bowl of fruit

You can all vote on this if you like, or even better, you can offer up other ideas. Yes. I like this. Send me your own guess of Master James’ artistic theme, and I will choose a winner later and send that lucky person an original work by the artist.

That is all.