I’m now officially down 10.5 lbs! I started this diet almost three weeks ago at 187.5 lbs. This morning, the scale showed 177.0 lbs! Woohoo!

Diet Journal for Yesterday: High-Protein Slimfast shake for breakfast, High-protein Slimfast shake for lunch, very small salad (sans cheese but with regular buttermilk dressing) and hardboiled eggs for dinner (Eggland’s Best, of course!!), and a midnight snack of a Clementine tangerine that I shared with the pups.

My boss, Darin, did me a big favor as we were leaving work yesterday — he warned me that he would be bringing in Panera breakfast today for everyone in the office, and graciously promised that no French Toast bagels or raspberry flavored cream cheese would make it into his bag this morning. As long as those two things aren’t in there, I can totally trust myself to be good in the face of temptation. 🙂 Thanks, D!

In other news, Jamie continues to improve. He has gone without Albuterol the past 2 days, and is still doing better all the time. He’s still very, very tired at night and won’t stay up and play with us longer than 15 minutes, but he was quite agreeable this morning and even let me put his coat, hat, AND mittens on him before school. (Usually I have to settle for some sort of diminished combination of those things.) I did not press my luck and attempt shoes; instead, I just located the newest pair of socks I could find in hopes they would still be extra warm and fuzzy on the inside. His corduroy pants were long enough to cover his feet this morning, so I think he’s fine. Plus, I think we left his sneakers at Grandma’s house. Oops.

And that’s the latest from here. More later. Hopefully by Monday I’ll have shed a couple more pounds to post about!!