I am off to a grouchy start this morning.

Jamie’s preschool has a terrible bookkeeping system. We never receive invoices on any proper schedule, and every few months when I do randomly receive one, it is 100% of the time inaccurate. Then, in addition to a bogus bill waiting for me in his file, I also get to encounter friendly little messages on the time clock when I sign him in, tacking on late fees for a bill I already paid, and basically calling me a deadbeat. So then I get to spend my whole day already pissed off and tracking down bank statements and check stubs to prove I paid them in the first place.

I have never once paid anything late, in the whole time he’s been in preschool. Not a single day. And I’m sick of having to constantly prove that I’ve paid tuition they’ve already taken to the bank and cashed.

And now, they’ve come up with this silly little “art project fee” that we all have to pay. There goes another five bucks a month. Not much at face value, until you consider that in the seven months he’s attended preschool, Jamie’s entire career as an artisan consists of three or four pieces of faded construction paper with a tempra footprint adorned by butt-ugly yarn or a smiley face drawn with magic marker. Considering Jamie’s room has 15 or 16 kids coming and going through there, it apparently is costing them $80 a month, in just the infant room alone, to produce these masterpieces.

They are nickel-and-diming everyone to death because when the new management took over, they promised they wouldn’t raise anyone’s tuition rates. So instead, they’re constantly coming up with these silly little fees to tack on everywhere. I expect to get a happy little newsletter from them next week announcing that, effective immediately, parents will be charged additional service fees for each time their kid craps their pants exceeding the allotted standard of one bowel movement per day…