Jamie is between diaper sizes again, so we all know what that means…lots of sleeper legs filled to capacity with you-know-what…

 HOWEVER…I have made quite the discovery and have fallen in love with a line of diapers…I was all about buying the cheap diapers until now, because even if they aren’t as nice as the expensive ones, I didn’t seen any marked difference…until I discovered Pampers Swaddlers!! 

 worth every penny…

These things are amazing. They stretch like nobody’s business, and I reckon I can keep him in size 1’s for quite a while yet if I stick with this brand, which is good because most size 2’s fit around his stomach, but the legholes look way too big then, and we wind up with poo in the legs of his jammies again.

 I had tried regular Pampers . They’re kind of pricey (almost 10 bucks a package), but was not impressed. These kind of Pampers are the exact same price and they are miracle diapers! I am using nothing but these until he outgrows what they make of them, and then I am putting him on Pampers Cruisers, which appear to be the older-kid version of these. Amazing!!!

OK, so I know that it is really sad that I got so excited about this. What can I say? That’s life at my house these days….