Well, I just got back from enjoying a nice long lunch hour poking around in Lowe’s Garden Center…(I was very, very good and only bought the two things I went in for — caladium bulbs and a bigger hanging pot for my office philodendren, which is getting so huge at this point I sometimes want to stop working at my computer and grab onto one of the long vines hanging down and start swinging on it while letting out a Carol Burnett-esque Tarzan yell…)

 But I digress. I am wondering…has anyone grown freesia as a houseplant? I have been researching it a bit online today and I am thinking this is something that would look pretty and be very hard to kill…but I am looking for advice!! I plan to get some bulbs at some point in the next month and give it a try but I wonder if there’s anything goofy about them or anything I might need to know…I don’t know much about that plant at all except that it smells good and grows in lots and lots of bright colors. Anyone???