Well, I stopped at the jewelry store on my lunch hour today, and our rings were in. Mine is too big. It keeps sliding off my finger. I have to go after work tonight (AFTER going to the dressmaker’s to have my hideous wedding gown fixed) and show them the problem and see if they can resize it (which I doubt due to the design) or have one Fed-Exed from another store. They told us these ones would take 7-10 days to come in, and it took 15 or 16. I am afraid to give them the one I have and wait for a new one to come in – what if it doesn’t come?

 I am thinking I may make an arrangement with them so I can keep the one they gave me today, and hang onto it myself, and bring it in and exchange it when the other one does come in. That way, even if it’s too big, I’d at least have one to wear on my wedding day!! It is so big it looks like a man’s ring. Geoff has tiny little size 8 fingers, and mine are 8.5 right now (stupid weight gain), but this one is huge and I don’t know what size it is but I am guessing…really big. So it’s embarrassing to show anyone our rings and say, “Well that one’s Geoff’s…and that ENORMOUS one next to it is mine…”