I am about to pull my hair out by the roots this morning. Just so everyone knows, I would like to be euthanized on my sixty-fifth birthday. One of our more ancient clients called today, cussed out our receptionist this morning, then cussed me out, without even bothering to listen that the problem she was having was entirely of her own creation and not of the Division’s. Then, she didn’t even bother to click the hang-up button on her cell phone before turning to her friends and doing her impression of me…”oh, well I’m just a dumb girl sitting here all helpless at Continuing Ed. with my thumb up my…” and so on. Grrrrrrrrr. Just a nightmare of a day. So many things going wrong everywhere, and so many people with their stingers out.

Β To think I was hopeful that I might actually have good karma today, since I started the morning out sending a student worker over to the physical plant to take the Duplicating Manager a giant economy-sized bag of pretty fall-colored Hershey’s Miniatures that I paid for out of my own pocket, along with a note that said, “We appreciate everything you do for us at Continuing Education.” Guess the Universe was using the bathroom or something while I was actually being a nice person, and it flew under the radar. Doh!

In other news, I am crunching out my stress on a phenomenally tasty apple right now. I don’t buy apples often, because I’m not super-fond of them, but Geoff likes them so sometimes I get two or three for him when I’m at the store. Even then, I NEVER buy Red Delicious, because they’re always so iffy. But yesterday evening while I was out grocery shopping, Wal-Mart had the absolute most beautiful Red Delicious apples I had ever seen.

I thought, “Well, I’ll just get a handful for Geoff to take to work with him in the mornings, since they’re on sale.” They aren’t particularly huge or anything, just small-to-medium sized, but I have never eaten an apple this tasty before! Everything about them is heavenly, from the texture, to the amazing sweetness, to the flavor of the peel – all of it is positively amazing. I bought four of them last night, and I am eating one now, so I may zip over there today or tomorrow and get a couple more. If you’re going to be in Carbondale for ANY reason in the next couple days, I am telling you – stop and get some. They are truly amazing. πŸ™‚ I think they are $1.48 a pound. I know that’s not the cheapest apples ever, but it’s certainly a good price, and they are small, so you can get several for three bucks, rather than when they’re huge and you only get a couple and they turn out to be all mushy. Anyway, I seriously recommend them. Totally awesome.