I just received an email from Mom. Here is what she writes:

“The babies have had air leaking in their lungs because of the immaturity, but the ventilator has the ability to overcome that part of the scenario because it’s more efficient than the lungs are. Adeline seems to be worse off than Georgia. Her hemoglobin is extremely low and urine output also too low. Oliver said the doctors haven’t come out and said that they’re going to lose them, but Ashley thinks that they are. He’s trying to hold on and be strong for her, but it’s getting harder and harder. He said they were doing ultrasound on them to check for brain hemorrhage and so far had not seen anything like that, so that’s good news, but we need some miracles, and we need them pretty quickly.”

I just spoke with Mom on the phone as well. She has not slept in days and is driving up there by herself tonight, so I am leaving work now to prepare to ride along. Keep praying.