Well, I am the proud aunt of two bouncing baby girls, Miss Adeline May and Miss Georgia Anne! They are both healthy lil’ babies, tipping the scales at a little under 1.5 lbs. apiece, wiggling around, breathing on their own, and generally doing wonderfully. Ashley is doing just fine post-delivery as well, and everyone is as good as they can possibly be right now. The twins have been placed in neonatal intensive care (NIC-U) at Barnes Jewish Hospital, and Oliver sounds like he has spent the day riding around inside of a washing machine. A proud papa, but sounds like he needs a nap, poor guy.

Yes, these little ones were very early. Yes, they have beaten a lot of odds, and have many weeks of close supervision ahead. But yes, they are in God’s hands, and yes, they are doing as well as they possibly can, and are the blessings of a lifetime to two proud parents and a family of loving relatives.

 Thank you all for keeping this family in your thoughts and prayers. I will continue to post our blessings and opportunities as they come.