Well, after a very long weekend, I am pleased to report that my sister-in-law, Ashley, is doing much better. She is stable, and the twins are, too. She is only dialated 1 cm., which means her water has not broken and she is not in immediate danger. She spent the weekend hooked up to a magnesium drip to stop the contractions, but they had to remove the drip yesterday. She did just fine without it last night, and they have given her an oral drug today to keep contractions at bay, just in case. Oliver made it home last night and is at work today. It is likely Ashley will have to remain in St. Louis until the twins arrive, whenever that may be. She is 24 weeks along now, and after 28 weeks, odds get  a lot better, so we expect at least a month at Barnes Jewish Hospital, if not the whole last term.

The twins are receiving steriod boosts to accelerate their lung growth just in case they make an early debut into the world, and everybody is fine for now. We have news as well – the twins are both girls! I know my brother is tickled pink about this, and I am guessing that Honey is a little envious, since we do not yet have confirmation on what our little one is. I feel like it’s 99 percent probably a boy, now that we know the other two are girls…what would the odds be? Mom had a dream a couple weeks ago that there were two girls and a boy in the end, so…we’ll see if she’s right. Meanwhile, we are just praying for three healthy babies by the year’s end, and we’ll all be deliriously happy.

 I want to thank everyone who has been sending prayers to my brother’s new family. We’ll all keep praying, and thanking God for the blessings we receive.