For those of you who don’t know, my sister-in-law, Ashley, is pregnant with twins due on December 11. I just spoke with my brother, who told me she is currently enroute to Washington University Hospital in St. Louis, after her cervix became so thin that it may begin to split, which would cause the babies to be born way too early.

I don’t have many details yet. I am still at work, and my brother was trying to pack as many of her things as he could into the car so he could be on his way to St. Louis. Apparently my mother has already left for the hospital, but Oliver does not know when she left or where she is, and she has no cell phone. I assume my father is still at work, without any of this knowledge. I cannot get ahold of Honey on his cell phone because he is on assignment in the hills of Alto Pass right now and a signal will not reach him. All I can do is ask everyone for their prayers right now. Oliver says the doctor told them it is likely that even if they manage to keep her from going into labor now, she could very possibly have to spend the duration of her pregnancy in St. Louis.

I will post more when we have more details. Please send Ashley and the twins your prayers and love.